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Good find, Lanell!
I have watched the video "The Student Discussion Groups" ( http://www.youtube.com/user/ProjInfoLit ) (4:06) (Fall 2008). and it is excellent.  FYI, this video was created by PIL (Project Information Literacy) folks under the leadership of Mike Eisenberg of Big 6 fame.  High school students are interested to hear what college students say about information literacy.  They are much more likely to give credence to what anonymous older peers say than to what I think, old fogey (but beloved!) that I am. 
So my question for you copyright gurus out there is if we have permission to make copies from YouTube.  See http://infolit.org/news/new-project-information-literacy-video-released.html and http://projectinfolit.org/publications/ The note states, "No permission is required for use of videos in educational activities," but does this apply to making copies, not just using by opening the YouTube link which is blocked at our school location.
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FYI ...

Yesterday, President Obama signed a proclamation 
identifying October as National Information Literacy
Awareness month:


This was an initiative of the National Forum on 
Information Literacy (http://infolit.org
<http://www.infolit.org> ), supported by Senator Kerry and 
the late Senator Kennedy. Lana Jackman, President of the 
National Forum, deserves much credit for leading the 

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