[library-media] technical difficulties

Laura Hunter lhunter at uen.org
Tue Sep 8 10:48:01 MDT 2009

I'm sorry to report that, despite our best efforts, we were not able to able to get a good satellite feed of the President's education address to broadcast on UEN-TV and KUED today. We extend our apologies to your schools that were affected. Never a dull moment around here...
Here's a report from our engineers:

Here is a summary of events regarding the partial broadcast on KUED and KUEN of the President's speech.  No satellite signal could be found during the test period from 0900-1000.  US Satellite also failed to receive anything on Galaxy28/x17/slotC.  A few minutes after 1000 (having already started other alternate programs on each station) we got the word to use C-span via A-D 7.  There was video but no audio.  After a few minutes, the decision was made to jump back to regular programming while Bob worked to establish audio.  Good audio was established around 1015 and I crashed KUEN back to the President's speech.

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