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"In the decade ahead, our democracy and our society will be facing a
major challenge. Many, in our society, will have access to information
and knowledge—and hence access to power; the power of autonomy, power of
enlightenment, power of self-improvement and self-assertion, and power
over their lives and their families’ future. And there will be others
who will have no access to information.
Such a cleavage will have tremendous consequences on the future of our
nation. Our nation cannot afford to have one-fifth of its population
being illiterate. For reading is a means to education; education is a
means to knowledge; knowledge is a means to power and a bright future.
Those who learn to read and write do so not only for themselves and
their families, but our nation as well. They learn in order to become
good citizens and good ancestors. That is why reading and the love of
libraries and books has to begin in the earliest stages of education.
School libraries constitute an indispensable introduction to literacy
and learning about the world and the universe. They are pathways to
self-discovery. They are tools for progress and autonomy."
Source: http://www.carnegie.org/sub/pubs/gregorianspeech.html
Here's to School Librarians - Cheers!
Juan Tomás


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