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Loutensock, Georgia Georgia.Loutensock at schools.utah.gov
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Sorry this is so late.  I have been out of the office.  Please get your votes in!!!  Keep smiling. gml

Georgia Loutensock
georgia.loutensock at schools.utah.gov

From: Lisa Morey [mailto:lisa.morey at jordan.k12.ut.us]
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Subject: CLAU voting, will you forward please?

Hello Georgia,

I was looking at the CLAU site today, and the votes aren't coming in as fast as I had hoped.  I just sent out a reminder to the CLAU list, but I wondered if you could forward it to the librarians on your list as well.  Here's the text (in case the one you get through CLAU is add laden)


LIsa Morey
CLAU Webmaster etc.

Hello CLAU members and Friends,

The polls for this years' Beehive Book awards will close in just under a month. Have you had a chance to submit your votes? Here's the instructions again:

Please enter your votes for this year's Beehive Book Awards by April 10th.
(Postmarked by April 10th if you are mailing them)

Please follow this link to enter in your votes online.

Or go to CLAU.org, then CLAU Information, and then "For Teachers and Librarians"

Thanks to all who voted using this system last year!
We were able to discover the winners with a click of a button instead of hours
and days of tallying.

Please choose the option to have your voting receipt emailed to you. It helps
to have this receipt in case there are problems.

Please check your numbers carefully. Last year we had a few instances where
there were more votes for one title than there were students in the school.

Also, remember that if you go back in to increase your votes, you need to delete
the number that is already there before putting in your new amount. (If you entered 33
votes the first time you voted, and then want to add four more votes, delete the 33, then enter 37.)

The winners of the 2008 Beehive Awards will be announced at the CLAU Annual

The Annual Meeting is Friday April 24th at the Joseph Smith Building (Wasatch Room) 6:30 pm and this years' special guest will be Jessica Day George ("Dragon Slippers" and "Princess of the Midnight Ball") You can visit her website at http://www.jessicadaygeorge.com/

You can get a flyer with all the information at http://www.clau.org<http://www.clau.org/> (click on
Annual Meeting)

Remember, help support CLAU by going to our site to search Amazon.com.

See you at the Annual Meeting

Lisa Morey
Webmaster/Newsletter/Question Answerer
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