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We will be offering this class one time this summer, probably  mid-July or early August.  The new schedule will be online May 1 – I’d  encourage you to check in and register soon after because our summer classes do  fill up.  (www.uen.org/development)    


We also offer an online class on Google Tools which will run  again in the fall.  It includes several video tutorial activities and you  can access the videos anytime.  Both of the classes cover several free and  very useful tools available through Google that go way beyond searching.      


The Google Tools lesson plan web page is a little dated as our  instructors are now maintaining their course materials on their my.uen web pages.   Jared Covili is the lead instructor for Google Tools and presentations and has  additional, updated materials available at his web site – including access  to the video tutorials: http://my.uen.org/myuen/58239    


Finally, if you have a group of five or more, we’d be  happy to come out to your school and provide a presentation on Google Searching  +.  Call or email me if you’d like more information.  There is  no charge for our services.    


Thanks for your interest,    

Victoria Rasmussen    

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Jan, Victoria is working on the summer schedule and will follow  up with you directly on that.     


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This looks like a really great  class...except there is no way I can leave for two days.  Are you offering  this during the summer?
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UEN  teaches a great class on Google Tools (highly recommended of course). I  included links to the description and materials. The class will be taught again  on April 2 and 3.    


Class  Description    






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Yes, I am going to  teach some middle schoolers how to use Google so that they can limit their  searches.  Before you say naughty words, I also show them Pioneer, Clusty,  etc., etc.
  But, they may as well know a few "google tricks" ("... ",  site:edu, etc.)
  If any of you have a worksheet, notes, ideas, etc.  I would appreciate  seeing what you have done.
  Of course, I will send you all the "hits" from everyone and what I  will do.
  I have the article on Google games but if you have any Google Game questions, I  would appreciate those, also.
  Thanks as always,
  Jan Duane
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