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I've become familiar with the curricula for the different teachers in
our school, so I identified teachers who may be able to use the pictures
in their lessons -- mainly art and history teachers. When they came to
the library for other things, I casually showed them the Picturing
America selections and talked about a few ways they could be used in
classes. I reminded a few of them later when they came to check out
certain books or videos. For example, one teacher came in yesterday to
check out a Dust Bowl video, so I suggested pairing it with the Dorthea
Lange photo. That has helped some with getting the word out.

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Hello Colleagues,
I've just been wondering how it's been going for those of you who put in
for the "Picturing America" grant through the National Endowment for the
Humanities.  I've wondered how you got your teachers to take the bate
and actually use the wonderful works of art in their teaching? Time is
running out for this year, if you've got any suggestions I'd really
appreciate them. Have a great day!
Paula Cloward
Library Media Teacher
Pleasant Grove Jr. High School
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