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 Note this information is related to the stimulus bill and targeted for
school library media specialist.


Many thanks to the ALA Washington Office and specifically Melanie Anderson
for pulling out data and information from the American Recovery and
Reinvestment Act (ARRA) that is relevant to school library media
specialists. There are opportunities for school libraries to benefit from
the legislation. Read the attached documents then make contact with your
school officials outlining specific ways that libraries can benefit from the
ARRA funding. It is essential that you lead the effort to help school
officials understand that investing in funding for libraries benefits all
students. The library program lead by a certified school library media
specialist creates students who are skilled in 21st Century competencies and
life-long learners.


I  would urge everyone to continue to monitor the website
<http://www.ala.org/knowyourstimulus> www.ala.org/knowyourstimulus 




Ann M. Martin 
AASL President 
5039 Bonnie Brae Rd. 
Richmond, VA 23234 
804.271.6717 (H) 
804.652.3700 (W) 
libraryann at comcast.net 
ammartin at henrico.k12.va.us 
Author: Seven Steps to An Award Winning School Library Program 

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