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You may have read some of the current discussions criticizing the PTA in Utah. Some of the criticism comes from other parent groups seeking contact with schools that the long-established PTA has enjoyed. Over the years, the Utah PTA has been very supportive of school libraries locally, and for appropriations for school libraries on a statewide basis. They have helped us in times of need, and I would like to return their support. 

The Utah PTA could use our help right now. After talking with Holly Langton, the Education Commissioner, I am writing a letter-to-the-editor of the Salt Lake Tribune in support of the Utah PTA, their programs, the efficiency of their operations, and the need for a "token" membership fee to help run the organization. I know personally that many in leadership positions pay for their own transpiration and other expenses, but it takes money to meet the goals of giving scholarships to students, gifts of money for books to school libraries, ongoing communication with the membership, leadership training, an annual conference, etc.

Whether or not you choose to write a letter to either the Salt Lake Tribune or The Deseret News, is up to you. If you choose to write a letter, please include a specific example of how the PTA has helped the school library media program in your school--funds for books, a birthday club, volunteering, etc. 

If you wish to contact your senator, visit the PTA Takes Action Center, http://capwiz.com/npta2/issues/alert/?alertid=12733891. I just emailed my senator and the site format makes sending a message very easy. 

Thanks for taking time to consider this issue.



Dr. Sharyl G. Smith
Former Utah State Specialist for Library Media
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