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Dear Librarian,
You probably serve families of Mexican origin.  The Consulate of Mexico
annually holds this drawing contest. I encourage you to print the
guidelines and entry form and share it with your patrons, the links to
these are found below.

Juan Tomás

The Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City
The purpose of the Contest is to encourage children from all over the
world, to express what Mexico means to them (its history, culture,
heroes, natural resources, people, traditional festivals or any theme
related to Mexico). The recommended themes for the 2009 Contest are:
Independence of Mexico and Mexican Revolution.
The artwork will be sent to Mexico to participate with drawings from
all over the world. A jury of specialists in arts will select the 15
1. The contest is open for children from all over the world, between
the ages of 7 and 11 years old.
2. Draw on a square cardboard or paper (12”x12”) using brushes,
pencils, acrylics, water paints, crayons, or any other drawing
3. Show in your drawing whatever your imagination says about Mexico:
what you know about the country, what you remember, why you love Mexico,
what you know about its heroes, culture, art, architecture… there is a
lot to paint about!.
4. Sign and date your drawing. It’s very important to fill out the
attached form. Don’t forget that all the information is important; you
could be disqualified if you leave something out.
5. Copied or traced drawings will not be taken into consideration.
Drawings left unfinished, or with missing information, or exceeding the
measures indicated above will also be disqualified.
6. Winners may choose one of the following prizes: a laptop, a digital
camera, or a drawing kit with a set of books. The prize will not exceed
the equivalent of $1,500 US dollars.
7. Send your drawing directly to the Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake
City, before June 15, 2009.
ENGLISH FORM: http://portal.sre.gob.mx/saltlake/pdf/dibujoing.pdf

SPANISH FORM: http://portal.sre.gob.mx/saltlake/pdf/dibujoesp.pdf
Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City
Attn. Community Affairs Department/IME
155 S 300 W, Suite 300, Salt Lake City, Utah. 84101
For more information contact:
Community Affairs Department/IME
Guido Arochi garochi at consulmexslc.org
Gloria Tapia gtapia at consulmexslc.org
(801) 521-8502, Ext. 23 y 29
* For Information about the Independence and the Revolution of Mexico,
visit the website: www.bicentenario.gob.mx (
http://www.bicentenario.gob.mx/ )

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