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Thu Feb 19 14:35:01 MST 2009

Thank you everyone who replied to my state of mind (or unstate of mind).  Here are the results...I'm not spinning quite as much so thanks again!  I did not put any names on the replies....


A library is a hospital for the mind.
~ Anonymous ~

I love this site and have it linked on the READ section of our library website.  

I am attaching 2 ideas for you.   
One is a research project to get students involved with interenet  research. I have a business background so this project works for me. If  you want to remove the business law element you could change it up a  bit.  
The second is a "treasure hunt" so students can see what is  available in the library. I usually hand out a candy "treasure" when  students return the completed worksheet. (High School students will  work for candy!) 

I  often felt that way. Everywhere I looked there was a project half  completed. I felt like a juggler trying to keep all of the projects  going and if stopped juggling and I worked on one project, the rest  would fall to the ground.  
I learned to live with it and look at the small victories - I got the Fiction A-B part of the catalog cleaned up, etc.   
I also learned to let go. As great as some things are, where is the greater good?   
I applied Covey's Seven Habits in prioritizing.   
And I ate a lot of chocolate when it got too overwhelming.  

I don't even have time to think  about it.  I do have a website that I use to teach my research project  using only these web search engines because they search databases and  are general web search engines.  http://www.alpine.k12.ut.us/phpApps/genericPage.php?pdid=349  I am in the process of updating my orientation and will try to send it to you this weekend.  

I am in the state of overwhelmed, also.  We are   changing to Destiny starting today, or rather we are using a temporary version   that will only check books in and out starting today.  Anyway, long   story...but I have found a really cool website.  If you don't already know   about this one, the link is below.  
 Yes I feel like you do.  I’m  happy to share but hardly have time to think about it.  We also have to do  the yearbook which is HUGE right now.  Maybe I can attach the newest (not  perfect but better) series list we’ve been working on.  If you have  anything you’d like to share back, feel free J  

I do have a Twilight Trivia contest I did to help get myself at least doing something ~ and finishing it.  If you want a copy, please email me and I'll send it to you.  Thanks again for all your help!   Jan   janduane at jdchs.org
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