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Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Wed Feb 4 09:34:56 MST 2009

Hey, all,
You know that super bowl commercial with the Queen song where the family sings "Mud on your face, big disgrace...?"
Well, I have egg all over my face and look like a doofus! For years I have been telling folks concerned or, (in the case of my school) not concerned, about information literacy skills that are included in UBSCT and are tested as part of the pre-writing portion.  I peeked at the booklet this week and found no trace of any inquiry or reference questions in the Writing portion.  Now I am told that they haven't been there for a few years.  Well, this is a really good argument for allowing discretionary peeking!
Anyway, I know those assessments were in the first two UBSCT tested years (yes, I peeked!).  When did they disappear and why? Does anybody know?  What a sad day that was for information literacy education in the state and I didn't even know enough to mourn.
Tantrum over and out. :-)
Layton High
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