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Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Sat Jan 31 20:41:24 MST 2009

Dear 8th grade students,

I like "We read to know we are not alone." - C. S. Lewis
When I read a thought that really fits my own beliefs, I feel a kinship to the author.  I know someone else feels the way I do so I don't feel so alone.  Do you ever read something and say to yourself, "Yes, right on!" or write a note in the margin if it is your own book? I do, too.

Another quote -
"A book! A book! My kingdom for a book!" 
Oh, wait, that was "A Horse! A Horse!"  by Shakespeare.  Just kidding, but sometimes when I'm bored I'd a kingdom, if I had one, for a good book.  Good thing for libraries or I'd be a pauper. :-)

Fawn Morgan
Layton High Library

>>> Kathy Cowley <kathy.cowley at sevier.k12.ut.us> 01/30/09 10:16 AM >>>
I have a group of 8th grade Language Arts students who want to make a 
list of favorite quotes about reading from Utah Librarians. Can you 
help by sending yours and I'll pass it along to them. Thanks, Kathy

Kathy Cowley
North Sevier Middle School
Everybody's Somebody!

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