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We are finding that most combos don't have coaxial cable connectors.   There are adaptors out there.  IF you are connecting a TV to the combo and both have RCA (red white yellow) outlets then you can do that.  But you may need help from your technology specialist when it comes to projectors.  You have to pay A LOT more for a combo with coaxial connection.  I found the Sylvania to be ok for the price, but they again don't have coaxial.
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>>> "Gary Berensen" <berensen at mhjh.carbon.k12.ut.us> 1/28/2009 12:13 PM >>>
I need to purchase some VCR/DVD combos.  I bought some Sylvanias and
they are junk.  Any suggestions on brand, models, and where to purchase
Is this the place to ask??
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