[library-media] Good z39.50 source for videos

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Mon Dec 15 10:38:17 MST 2008

Years ago I purchased Brodart's EZCAT which searches open source Z39
compliant sites.  MARC records can be downloaded.   We used it all the
time and I found it useful especially for the obscure.  Got a new
computer, however, and may need to update my license to reinstall.  It
was a one-time purchase rather than a yearly fee.  Of course, you don't
get support unless you pay yearly.  We have Follett's A+ which we
contains MARC records for most new books but with few, if any, AV MARC
records.  I also use Utah's Catalog for academic libraries
http://pioneer.utah.gov/libraries/academic_libraries.html  and then
copy paste the information when cataloging from scratch.
Layton High

>>> Bill Goodrich <bgoodrich at dcsd.org> 12/12/2008 2:04 PM >>>
First, I have to admit that I don*t know too much about this.  Remember
when you were taking library courses and you were required to answer
what seemed like an impossible reference question(i.e. Wolf/Wolfe
packing, Was that one of JaDene*s question or Marilyn*s?)?  Anyway, my
question is turning into that.  I did, finally, find this really cool
list of z39.50 resources.  


I obviously don*t know how many of these work and which ones are open
source and which require a password.  From this list my district uses
the most basic:

Library of  Congress http://www.loc.gov/z3950/lcserver.html#addr 

We also use UnivAZ.

The other 2 of the five are not working so I am not even going to
mention what they are.


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