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Sarah Herron Sarah.Herron at slc.k12.ut.us
Wed Dec 3 12:03:09 MST 2008


I just cleared out my bulb closet! Most of them were projector and/or spotlight bulbs. I had a list from the past 3 years of what people needed for their overhead projectors so I kept only those. Then I asked the teachers that run the TV station and the auditorium to come see if they used the remaining bulbs. Finally, I listed all the bulbs on a spreadsheet and sent it to our district technical services in case they knew of a school that used them. Because some of the bulbs were considered hazardous waste, the district picked up all of the bulbs and will distribute/dispose of them as needed.

Hope this helps!

Sarah Herron

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>>> "Jane Beckwith" <jane.beckwith at m.millard.k12.ut.us> 12/3/2008 9:55 AM >>>
I was looking in my cupboard for a light bulb for a piece of equipment and stumbled upon the wildest assortment of oldies but goodies. It seems like there were only 10 or 12 in there last year. Now I have a whole cupboard.  Perhaps they spontaneously generated over the summer!

What do all of you do with lights that are no longer needed? Is there a clearing house some where? If I made a list and posted it, would anyone be interested?
Jane Beckwith
Delta High

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