[library-media] Short read aloud resources?

Stanton Fuller smfuller at weber.k12.ut.us
Mon Dec 1 13:37:01 MST 2008

I’ve had one of our resource teachers come to me asking for help with
her reading class. All of them “hate to read.”  She is going to bring
the class to me once a week to try some things to get them to know that
they don’t really hate to read, they just hate what they’ve been given
to read.
One of the things that we have discussed doing is reading aloud some
excerpts from different books of varying genres. 
Does anyone have, or know of, a resource that gives PARTS of books that
can be read aloud with the goal of sparking some interest in the
individual audience members to read the entire book? Something that
tells you just the right chapter to read to get a girl interested, or
which paragraphs will grab a boys attention?  
We are working with 7th and 8th graders in the resource reading class.
These kids have been working with Read 180, but the teacher says that
they are “bored out of their minds.” 
Any other ideas besides read alouds?
Stan Fuller
Library Media Teacher
Wahlquist Junior High
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