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Stanton Fuller smfuller at weber.k12.ut.us
Fri Oct 10 15:23:40 MDT 2008

If you are a school that uses Accelerated Reader, please read on. If
you don’t, this message isn’t worth reading. 
Over the years our school and other schools in our district have had
many parents or teachers write AR quizzes for us. I have pondered for
several years a method for the schools in our district to share those
teacher-made quizzes so that we don’t have so much duplication of effort
and waste of time and money.
 I finally came upon a method that is working for us. I’ve been
collecting copies of the teacher made quizzes from the schools in our
district. Scanning them into PDF files and setting up a simple data base
on my web site where others can download the quizzes then type them into
their own system.
I did check with Renaissance Learning to make sure that I wasn’t
breaking any rules or agreements before I did this. They said that we
wrote them, we own them, and can do what we want with them.
I have set the files so that they can only be opened with a password.
I figure why stay totally local when maybe I can get a large group
contributing so I would like to offer to share my web site and password
with any other schools for the small price of sharing at least one of
your teacher-written quizzes with me so that I can add it to the data
Renaissance has made it a little bit difficult for us to share
teacher-made quizzes. You have to print the quiz using the REPORTS mode
of your AR management software. Then if you want to email it to me you
have to use your scanner to scan it back into your computer. I prefer
PDF format, but any format will do. I can change about anything to PDF.

If you don’t have a scanner, you can print it off and mail it to me in
the old fashion US Postal snail mail (address below).
I’m concentrating right now on local and LDS authors that Renaissance
doesn’t do quizzes for like Anita Stansfield, Chris Heimerdinger, Gerald
Lund, Betsy Brannon Green etc. Also because I am at a Junior High,
that’s where most of the titles fall as far as interest level. I am
willing to data base quizzes for lower or higher level if you send them
to me.
I continue to add quizzes from my own collection as my time permits,
and hopefully I’ll get some quizzes from some of you.  So check back
once in a while.
Below is a link to my library website. In the bottom right of my main
page is a small little “SMF” (my initials). Click on that and you will
see a list of titles that I have in the data base so far.  There’s a
link at the top right to go to the author sort list.
In order for anyone to actually see the quizzes they will need a
Let me know if you would like to participate in the quiz sharing or if
you have any questions.
Stan Fuller
Library Media Teacher
Wahlquist Junior High
Ogden, UT 84404
smfuller at weber.k12.ut.us
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