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Wed Sep 24 08:44:21 MDT 2008

Don't you just hate it when your rewards come and you absent at a training or some such thing?  Yesterday I was out learning to make DVDs with Adobe Elements when a past student stopped by to show me the book he has published.  So instead of a reward in person I came back today to find his note which read, "Look this up. This is how far I have made it. Dark Guardian by David Bluhm at Amazon or Barnes and Noble."  

In answer to Paula's question, he published it through Publish America.
Isn't there a local university that does private publishing and has presented at UELMA, ULA, and UEA? Share with us all so we can share publishing sources with our wannabe authors.

Layton High

>>> "Paula Cloward" <paulacloward at alpine.k12.ut.us> 9/19/2008 8:51 AM >>>
Library colleagues,

I've had a student inquire about publishing a book she's written.  I know in the past I've heard of publishers that do that do that.  Could anyone share that information with me?

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