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Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Wed Sep 17 15:40:37 MDT 2008

Hi, y'all,

Don't know about the rest of you but my desktop (computer) and desk (furniture)  piles are getting out of control already and school has only been in session a month! I always say that I am a visual organizer to excuse the messiness but I think I need a reality check. Note to myself: clean up after homecoming week.

Thanks to all those who made the UELMA Fall Workshop possible this year, especially Bridget Merrell and John Smith. I especially enjoyed the panel of SUU librarians who presented the session Helping Your Students Succeed in College.  Here's a question I added to sophomore orientation as a result:
1. Universities value most in a researcher:
A. Confidence
B. Independence
C. Curiosity
D. Humbleness
E. A & B
F. C & D***
The points I convey are that effective researchers are willing to ask for help, experiment and explore new sources of information.

I am still looking for Utah K-12 library web sites which teach information literacy skills online.  The intent is to link excellent examples to the ULA Library Instruction Round Table site.

Layton High

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