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Fri Aug 29 10:13:59 MDT 2008

Dear Colleagues,
Welcome back for another school year.  I hope you had a refreshing summer despite the heat.  There are a couple of items that you might appreciate.

Everyone---Legislative funding will be distributed the same as last year.  However because of new school your allotment will be less than last year.  This cannot be helped because we have the same amount of money but more schools.  Please remember these funds must be spent for library media materials, not equipment or hardware.

Check out http://www.visuwords.com/  This is a sight that you could use to replace Visual Thesaurus Thanks to Joann Topham from Sevier and Rick Cline for sharing it with all of us.

Secondary Schools---Reference books purchased with Hattie Munk Endowment funds are in the process of being distributed to schools.  Letters are going out to "Library Media Personnel" at all schools receiving the books.  (Sorry I could not put individual names on the letters---the CACTUS list in very outdated and incomplete.)   Books are being sent to secondary public and charter schools that have a central library.  The books are being delivered to district offices for distribution to individual schools.  Please be patience.  This taking longer and is more involved than I thought it would be.  Hopefully all books should be in schools by October 1, 2008.

Welcome back and make it a great year.  gml

Georgia Loutensock
Curriculum Section
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