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Dear Colleagues,
I am forwarding this request because I know there is someone out there
who qualifies and many more of you with great ideas that might be
interested.  Good luck.  gml

Georgia Loutensock
georgia.loutensock at schools.utah.gov



From: Carol Smallwood [mailto:smallwood at tm.net] 
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 8:14 AM
To: Loutensock, Georgia
Subject: calls

Seeking Submissions for 2 Anthologies


The Published Librarian: Successful Professional and Personal Writing,
American Library Association publisher--practicing librarians from
Canada and U.S. sought
Foreword: Bob Blanchard, Adult Services Librarian, Des Plaines Public
Library. Contributor to Illinois Library Association Reporter; Thinking
Outside the Book: Essays for Innovative Librarians (McFarland, 2008)

Introductory Note: Wayne Jones, Head of Central Technical Services,
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Ed., Ontario Library
Association, Access; Ed., E-Journals Access and Management (Routledge,

Contributors must have enough publication credits for practical,
concise, how-to articles to help the reader. No previously published,
simultaneously submitted, co-authored material. Two articles sharing the
range of your publishing experiences: 1900-2100 words total; for
example, one article could be 1000 words, another 900-1100 words on
another topic. Librarians with ethnic backgrounds serving diverse
cultures are encouraged. Contributor's sign an ALA Writer Agreement
before publication. Compensation: a complimentary copy, discount on
additional copies

Editor Carol Smallwood, MLS, has written, co-authored, edited 19 books
such as Educators as Writers for Scarecrow, Libraries Unlimited, Peter
Lang, and others. Her work has appeared in English Journal, Clackamas
Literary Review, The Detroit News, Poesia, and several others including
anthologies. Pudding House Publications published her chapbook, 2008;
Words and Images of Belonging co-edited with Aurorean editor is with an
agent; a recent book is

Possible topics: book promotion, online publishing, where to send
reviews, research skills for historical novels, using editing a library
newsletter to edit books, diversity in publication, ideas from students
for YA books, using tools like BIP to locate publishers for your books,
storytellers turned picture book authors, interviewing, networking,
using a technology edge, promoting your books at conferences. Using
issues librarians face such as censorship in poetry, essays, memoir,
short stories, columns.

Deadline September 30, 2008

Please submit 3-4 topics with proposals with a 65-70 word bio beginning
with your library of employment, highlighting your publications. Place
LIBRARIANS/your name on the subject line to: smallwood at tm.net


Women Writing on Today's American Family
publisher being sought-U.S. women writers needed

Foreword: Robbi Hess, Journalist, co-author, Complete Idiot's Guide to
30,000 Baby Names (Penguin Books); Editor, Byline Magazine

Afterword: Suzanne Bunkers, Professor of English, Minnesota State
University, editor of Diaries of Girls and Women: a Midwestern American
Sampler (University of Wisconsin Press)

This is a book about writing and publishing about family by women with
family publication credits. Possible subjects: markets; why women write
about family; using life experience; networking; unique issues women
must overcome; formal education; queries and proposals; conference
participation; self-publishing; teaching tips; family in creative
nonfiction, poetry, short stories, novels. Contributors have already
covered: blogs, using family history, managing time, privacy issues.

Practical, concise, how-to articles with bullets/headings have proven
the most helpful to readers. Please avoid writing about "me" and
concentrate on what will help the reader. A question and answer format
for interviews may be used.

Two articles each 950-1050 words; minimum 1900, maximum 2100 words
total. No previously published or simultaneously submitted material or

Deadline: September 30, 2008

Contributors receive a complimentary copy and contributor's discount on
additional copies. It is common for compilation of an anthology to take
upwards of a year, but I will be in touch with updates on securing a

Please send 3-4 topics with descriptions for feedback/65-70 word bio.
Place FAMILY and your name on the subject line to: smallwood at tm.net

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