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Tue Jul 1 09:13:53 MDT 2008

Ever wondered how Paragonah got its name? Now you can find out with UEN's Media Hub, eMedia for K-12, and CollegeMedia! 



UEN is pleased to report a new collections now available in eMedia: Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia. 


Utah Collections Multimedia Encyclopedia (UCME) has been reformatted to the latest file formats. A total of 6671 media items are included: 46 audio clips, 993 images/pictures/maps/charts, 394 videos, and 5,238 text documents. UCME is made up of the following collections: 

·         A People's History of Utah Series (188 items)

·         Foothill Native Plants (13 items)

·         Friday Edition from KUER (42 items)

·         Geography of Utah (545 items)

·         Hispanic Culture of Utah (111 items) 

·         Utah History Encyclopedia (221 photos, 578 articles)

·         Utah Place Names (4617 items)

·         Utah Postcard Collection (196 items)

·         Utah The Struggle for Statehood Series (120 items) 

·         Val A Browning Collection (40 items)


By the time Pioneer Day rolls around this year, you'll be well-versed in our State's amazing history, geography and culture.  

BTW - Paragonah was named by the Piede Indians, who were a clan of the Piute Indians, and refers to the small salty marshlands in the area.


Please help get the word out about these great resources!



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