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Subject: Censorship in Schools and Libraries Exhibit Available


Please share the following information with members of your listserv.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Censorship in Schools and Libraries" exhibit available for Banned Books
Week - September 27 - October 4, 2008.


The Long Island Coalition Against Censorship is an association of 22
educational and community organizations (16 are public libraries and
professional library organizations). The purpose of the Coalition is to
defend challenges to the First Amendment rights of public and school
libraries when there are efforts by individuals or groups to censor
books and other materials


In planning an exhibit for Banned Books Week in the fall or at another
time in 2008-2009, you might wish to consider displaying the new edition
of our exhibit, "Censorship in Schools and Libraries."


The exhibit presents 32 illustrations of censorship each one
approximately 11" x 14" with accompanying text that is 11" x 14." The
history of censorship in public libraries and schools highlights
incidents of censorship that have occurred nationally during the last
150 years. Included are descriptions of the censorship of Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn, In the Night Kitchen, The Catcher in the Rye, and the
novels of Judy Blume and Chris Crutcher. The censorship of Susan
Patron's novel, The Higher Power of Lucky, which was awarded the Newbery
Prize in 2007 is in the new edition. U.S. Supreme Court decisions
(including the landmark school case in the Island Trees School District)
and lower court decisions are an integral part of the exhibit. 


The 2008 edition includes efforts to censor the popular Harry Potter's
children's books (Harry Potter books were burned in Alamogordo, New
Mexico). Besides new cases, there is an update of censorship incidents
in school libraries and classrooms that have occurred since 1990.
Quality copies have been reproduced which may be readily presented on
posters or bulletin boards in your library and then retained by you as a
reference source. If your space is limited, we suggest that you rotate
the incidents of censorship during the time the exhibit is on display.
Excerpts from the exhibit are on our web site www.the-licac.org
<http://www.the-licac.org/> . Click on Exhibits, "Censorship in Schools
and Libraries" (for a description of the exhibit) and then Selected
Cases. You may order the exhibit by e-mail or sending a purchase order
to the LI Coalition Against Censorship, PO Box 296, Port Washington,
N.Y. 11050. The cost of the exhibit including mailing charges is $40.00
postpaid by check. If you need further information our e-mail address is
coalcen1 at verizon.net or call (516) 944-9799.


Donald Parker, Co-coordinator, LI Coalition Against Censorship





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