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Tue May 13 16:17:35 MDT 2008

We're still fighting the same battles, and must do so on a continual,  
ongoing basis. I'm reminded of the challenges we had in the 1980's,  
when I served on the UELMA Board. I mentioned to our local association  
president that I'd written a letter to then-president Betty Condie  
about the budget cuts in State Library Media funding. His reply? "UEA  
won't do anything about it."

Well, UEA did, and I had the opportunity of presenting to the  
Education Subcommittee several times during Ms. Condie's and Jim  
Campbell's tenures. Our efforts made a difference of some $3 million  
dollars (if my memory serves me correctly) being restored to State  
Library Media funding.

The irony is, that during one UEA fall session, at which I was  
present, one of my own district colleagues spoke against our efforts.

The point is (and I encourage) constant vigilance with colleagues and  
legislators is essential. The best P.R. is, of course, an excellent  
program in individual schools. But frequent "tooting our own horn" may  
draw notice of those who aren't paying attention!

George Weight (retired-Juab School District)
Past President UELMA

Quoting Fawn Morgan <fmorgan at dsdmail.net>:

> Colleagues,
> After reading Debbie's letter, now take a minute to contact the   
> president of your teacher's association or union and make sure they   
> see some of the data.  Make sure your representative is educated   
> about what is taught in school libraries and the benefits of   
> teaching it.  We speak with legislators but, apparently, neglect   
> educating our professional association reps.
> Fawn
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