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I lied there is a direct URL.  It is



On 5/8/08 3:47 PM, "Bill Goodrich" <bgoodrich at dcsd.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> Me again.
> There isn't a direct URL to my google calendar. It is embedded into my blog
> at http://cougarttank.blogspot.com/  It doesn't work there very well because
> of permission issues.
> If you really want to see how it looks you have to sign up for a google
> account.  Go to google.com and click on sign in and create an account.
> After you have created an account go to the more link and calendar.  From
> calendar you can do a public search for "UHS Media Center".  It should bring
> up my calendar for you to view.  While in public search you can checkout
> hundreds of school LMC calendars.  They are all pretty much the same.
> Below are the comments that weren't posted to the listserv:
>  I have a Media Center page that teachers can view 24/7 and send me an email
> with there request. You can view it at:
> http://www.wsdstaff.net/~bjones/Media.htm  I can update it from my computer
> once I get requests.
> Pros: 
> 1. teachers see exactly what time slots are available and can view anytime
> anywhere.
> 2. I don't spend a lot of time talking about the "whatever" like I used to
> when teacher came in face to face. It's nice to talk but I do that when they
> are actually in the center.
> 3. If they are new teachers I will go to there room and collaborate
> necessary details etc.
> Cons:
> None: I've been doing it this way for the last 12 years and I'm very happy
> with it.
> -----
> I have my schedule online, but only I can edit it. I want to be able to keep
> my thumb on the schedule a little more than if it was editable by others. I
> just set up an email link on my calendar pages.
> http://www.wsdstaff.net/~smfuller/schedule/schedule.html
> _____
> We just use Groupwise.  The teacher looks at the calendar and then emails me
> the date and hours they need and for what.  It has worked out really well.
> The hardest part has been getting the teachers trained to use it (the ones
> who are scared of the computer).
> ________
> I use google calendar.  It is my first year - in the beginning of the year
> it had some glitches, like freezing, but now it is running well.  I haven't
> had my teachers schedule their own classes yet, but I am sure that next year
> I'll add that onto the agenda :-)
> My administration does schedule events though and it works out well.
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