[library-media] More of online scheduling

Bill Goodrich bgoodrich at dcsd.org
Thu May 8 15:47:22 MDT 2008


Me again.

There isn't a direct URL to my google calendar. It is embedded into my blog
at http://cougarttank.blogspot.com/  It doesn't work there very well because
of permission issues.

If you really want to see how it looks you have to sign up for a google
account.  Go to google.com and click on sign in and create an account.
After you have created an account go to the more link and calendar.  From
calendar you can do a public search for "UHS Media Center".  It should bring
up my calendar for you to view.  While in public search you can checkout
hundreds of school LMC calendars.  They are all pretty much the same.

Below are the comments that weren't posted to the listserv:

 I have a Media Center page that teachers can view 24/7 and send me an email
with there request. You can view it at:
http://www.wsdstaff.net/~bjones/Media.htm  I can update it from my computer
once I get requests.
1. teachers see exactly what time slots are available and can view anytime
2. I don't spend a lot of time talking about the "whatever" like I used to
when teacher came in face to face. It's nice to talk but I do that when they
are actually in the center.
3. If they are new teachers I will go to there room and collaborate
necessary details etc.
None: I've been doing it this way for the last 12 years and I'm very happy
with it.


I have my schedule online, but only I can edit it. I want to be able to keep
my thumb on the schedule a little more than if it was editable by others. I
just set up an email link on my calendar pages.


We just use Groupwise.  The teacher looks at the calendar and then emails me
the date and hours they need and for what.  It has worked out really well.
The hardest part has been getting the teachers trained to use it (the ones
who are scared of the computer).

I use google calendar.  It is my first year - in the beginning of the year
it had some glitches, like freezing, but now it is running well.  I haven't
had my teachers schedule their own classes yet, but I am sure that next year
I'll add that onto the agenda :-)

My administration does schedule events though and it works out well.

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