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Bill Goodrich bgoodrich at dcsd.org
Thu May 8 12:04:25 MDT 2008


I am a little overwhelmed with all the input.  Basically there are a lot of
opinions out there.  Many people are using some type of web 2.0 application
to do their scheduling. Others are using a static web page. Others are using
scheduling software like Evanced. Some of the tools mentioned include,
Groupwise, calendar on myuen, myedesk. Google, zoho.com, etc. Delia
Carruthers is using Google Calendar. I have tried smartcal.com and Google
Calendar.  I was on Google Calendar until 1 am last night.... I know. I
know.  I am a tad bit obsessive.  I liked Google Calendar the best. It had
better functionality and it is also a good fit with other Google tools that
I use and am planning on implementing with my students next year.  (Thanks
to David Loertscher's UELMA session.)

Most people have advised me to set up the calendar as "view only" and the
have people email me to be added.  Which is tempting to me because like most
educators I am a control freak.  However, as I thought about it this
morning, I am thinking that that wastes the really beauty of web 2.0.
Multiple access, multiple people, multiple interaction.  Plus if I want my
teachers to buy into web 2.0 they have to have an opportunity to use it.  If
they are only using it as informational and not interacting, there is not as
much learning. Plus if they are going to teach it to students they have to
use it.  They will have to get Google accounts and see what this is all
about.  So I think I am going to open my calendar up to specific users to
add events at will. Of course I will follow a policy so it isn't total
chaos. I will always have teachers that won't get it or won't do it. But,
that is okay, I will have them anyway. I will let you all know how my
experiment goes.  It will probably be a hair pulling experiences and I don't
have much left to pull from.

It sounds like Delia is going to open her calendar up to be interactive next
year as well.  Best of luck everyone. We will have to have this discussion
again.  Maybe at next year's UELMA.


On 5/7/08 3:53 PM, "Fawn Morgan" <fmorgan at dsdmail.net> wrote:

> Bill,
> I've wanted to do online scheduling for a long time. Please pass on technical
> info you get to all of us.  A concern had been that if teachers scheduled
> without face to face meeting of the librarian that collaborative planning
> would be out the window.  One idea I got from a session at the UELMA
> conference this year might close the gap: to schedule the teacher librarian
> separate from the schedule for instruction areas in the library.  I think it
> was David Loertscher who made a good case for separate scheduling to emphasize
> the benefits of professional collaboration.  Have any of you tried this
> approach?
> Fawn  
> Layton High
>>>> Bill Goodrich <bgoodrich at dcsd.org> 5/7/2008 2:10 PM >>>
> Hi,
> Does anyone out there do media center scheduling online?  If so, what
> service do you use and what are the advantages and disadvantages of that
> service?  I want my teachers to be able to set up times but not change or
> delete anyone else's scheduled time.  I have been piloting SmartCal.com and
> am wondering if there is anything better out there.
> I have always done on paper up until now but I am ready to try something
> that everyone can access from their work stations.  Any pointers would be
> appreciated.
> -Bill
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