[library-media] library-media Digest, Vol 8, Issue 3

Becky Hall beckyhall at rhsm.org
Tue Apr 15 20:11:32 MDT 2008

library-media at lists.uen.org writes:
>My principal is looking for exhibits that we can have at the school.  If=
> any of you know places, people, events, foundations, etc. where we can =
>find out about them, we would greatly appreciate your help.  He is even =
>willing to pay to have them.
>If this isn't clear, please contact me and I'll redo.
>Thanks as always,
>Jan Duane
>Juan Diego Catholic High School

Jan, contact The Phillips Gallery. They are great to work with and if they
can't help, they are in touch with Utah artists and may know of some who
would want to do a show at your school. I wonder if the Arts Council might
put something together too. We used to have traveling shows go through our
school  maybe 10 years ago.  Call me next week too. Maybe my husband would
do it. Would you consider some publicity and a reception in the evening
like the Gallery Stroll downtown? Where would you show it- in your library?

Becky Hall
Library Media Specialist
Rowland Hall-St. Mark's School
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