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I have to say that I love this book and have ordered more copies for our library. It is poetic and pertinent to our African refugee population. It speaks of the challenges fitting into a new country, climate and school culture. I have shared it with our ESL teachers, but really think all teachers should read this to understand our ESL children.

Great suggestion, Kimi!


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I just got in a book called Home of the brave by Katherine Applegate written
in prose from the point of view of Kek, a refuge from Sudan.  It has such
great voice and word choice and would be perfect in an ESL class, but it
isn't the suspenseful scary type thing you were asking for.  It still would
get their attention and they could relate to his challenges.  Kimi 



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I need a book suggestion for my ESL teacher. She has a group of
Spanish-speaking 8th grade boys that she is working with. She's supposed to
read Devil's Arithmetic, but she's unsure whether she can keep them focused
on that. She wants something really suspenseful, maybe a little scary, but
not too long -- something that will grab their interest and keep it. Does
anyone have any suggestions?






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