[library-media] UELMA wrap up #1

Cindy Mitchell cindy.mitchell at jordan.k12.ut.us
Fri Mar 7 13:15:33 MST 2008

Okay - So there will probably be another UELMA wrap up, because I am sure I will forget something.

Many thanks to all of the attendees of the conference - it was a wonderful laid back day with virtually no problems that I ever heard (okay - except for the parking - we know!)

Many thanks to my wonderful presenters who volunteered their time, talents and expertise.  The best compliment I heard was how hard it was to choose just one session to go to each hour!

Many thanks to our vendors whose monetary support and hard work make our conference possible.

Many thanks to the UELMA Board who each took on so many projects and filled so many important roles to make the conference run smoothly.

Many thanks to Bev Stout and Suan Huff for the gorgeous conference binder.  It wa an inspired feat of organization! ANd I heard raves about it all day long.

Many thanks to Jeri Albrecht for the decorations, table toppers and the adorable sayings in the restrooms; I promised dozens of people that I will send the list of quotes out later.

Many thanks to Cindy Moyle, Jolene Davidson and the many facilitators who attended, hosted and smoothed the way in all of the sessions.

Many thanks to Jo-Ann from UEN who was only supposed to be there for just the morning and stayed all day.

Many thanks to all of those UELMA members who helped along the way and I never had a chance to say THANK YOU!

Many Thanks for each and every person who stepped in and did a job that I never knew needed to be done!

And many thanks to Larry Jeppeson for helping me learn and understand and know how to surround myself with excellent people who made me look so good yesterday.

Every word of praise that I received yesterday goes out from me to all of you who helped ceate such a fantastic day! 

And Monday I will send out the list of restroom quotes - but not today - I am going to go home and take a NAP!

Cindy Mitchell
Library Teacher
South Jordan Middle School
10245 S 2700 W
South Jordan UT  84095
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UELMA President
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