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I subscribe to Turnitin for my own library students - I think the minimum is 100 students for about $1 a person.  I think it is a very worthwhile program.  The entire Harvard University campus uses it so that says something about its effectiveness, not to mention the need.  Even Harvard isn't immune to the problem of plagiarism.  

I have my own students submit their research papers and then use the examples (with fake names attached and permission given) to demo the product to the business students who are taking the computer tech class required for graduation.  It is a very effective demo especially when shown in conjunction with a news program featuring the product.  

Layton High

>>> Barbara DenBoer <bdenboer at nsummit.k12.ut.us> 2/21/2008 10:47 AM >>>
My district technology specialist wanted me to check with all of you  
to see if any of your districts are using Turnitin.com for  
plagiarism.  We are having such a terrible time with plagiarism this  
year -- I think it is the worst that I've seen.  What do your schools  
do for the problem?


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