[library-media] help a new librarian?

htomlinson htomlinson at mountainvilleacademy.org
Fri Jan 25 14:56:03 MST 2008

Thanks to all who gave advice!!!

It was good to have my ideas validated and referenced.  A problem with being so 'fresh' out of college classes is trying to find the original sources of all that info crammed in my brain...

For those who asked (and others who didn't), this is what you advised:

**10% (or 20%) rule  - don't copy more than that.
**Make sure no money is involved.
**Avoid copyright headache - have the kids write poems down individually (great handwriting exercize)

The most helpful for me was the following website: 


Similar guidelines are also in Becker's book:

Copyright: a Guide To Information and Resources; 3rd Edition/ By 
Gary H. Becker c.2003 
he states that you may reproduce  multiple copies of the following: 
"...a complete poem if less than 250 words and if printed on not more than two pages" 
"...An excerpt  from a long poem, but not to exceed 350 words" 
"...all ...must bear the copyright notice" 
The above is limited to: 
" ...one course only" 
"...one work from a single author" 
"...no more than three authors from a collective work" 
"...no more than 9 instances of such multiple copying in one class term" 
"...copying shall not be used to create or replace or substitute for anthologies or collective works" 
"...same item shall not be reproduced term to term" 
Mr. Becker concludes "Concept is to take a very small portion from a work and the part taken is not the most creative essence of the work...." 

Thanks, again!



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