[library-media] Making It Up or Putting Out Fires?

Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Thu Jan 10 16:39:38 MST 2008

School Library Friends,

I'm excited to see all of you at UELMA in a few weeks!  Meanwhile I'm trying to determine whether I am a Great Pretender or a Fireman.  

A while ago one of our science teachers had scheduled  his biology classes in the library to accomplish some research.  The students were searching books, articles and web sites while the teacher was reading the newspaper.  Every few minutes he would circle the room and then sit down again to read.  All the while I was scurrying from one student to the next, back to the circulation desk and out again into the stacks or computer tables.  The teacher approached me and in a confidential tone asked, "Tell me the truth, Fawn, do you make up things to do so that you'll look busy and people will think you are working hard?"  Expecting to see a twinkle in his eye, evaluated his expression only to find that he was serious.  "Oh, yes, I told him.  You've figured it out.  Every service you see here was created by magic.  Isn't it wonderful?"  

A couple of days ago a teacher working on her library media endorsement came to observe the workings of my library.  After 5 hours, as she prepared to leave she said to me, "You're not a librarian.  You're a fireman.  You just go from one fire to another putting them out.  Everyone wants you to help now - one after another, after another."  At last someone understood! I'm the firefighting, magic-making school librarian.  

Don't forget to turn in your UELMA registration.  See you soon.

For those of you without enough to do who need to look busy, check out the new AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner


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