Rose Frost rfrost at utah.gov
Wed Dec 12 17:03:53 MST 2007

Our LSTA website has been updated with new information. Here is the URL:


What's new includes:

---Revised Application Checklist

---ABCs of LSTA (a simple list of projects funded by LSTA that could give you new ideas)

---LSTA Grant History 1997-2007, alphabetical by institution

---How to find information about State Contract pricing for technology 

---A link to download Open Office Suite to open our application and forms in case your library doesn't have Excel.

For additional information please contact Rose Frost rfrost at utah.gov or (801) 715-6742.

Rose Frost
Grants Coordinator/Library Consultant
Utah State Library Division
250 N. 1950 W, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84116-7901

phone: 801.715.6742   fax: 801.715.6767
1.800.662-9150 ext. 742  (in-Utah-WATS)

Email: rfrost at utah.gov


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