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Becky Hall beckyhall at rhsm.org
Thu Dec 6 21:30:42 MST 2007

For Utah Authors and illustrators go to  this site:  http://ucwi.org/
You can read interviews and go to their web sites. This is a useful site
for author visits too.
Becky Hall
A is for Arches, A Utah Alphabet
Morris and Buddy, the Story of the First Seeing Eye Dog

Becky Hall
Library Media Specialist
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library-media at lists.uen.org writes:
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>I am planning a book display of two parts and could use some suggestions =
>for book titles and author's names.  One part of the display will focus =
>on books of local interest, such as In Plain Sight and Bringing =
>Elizabeth Home.   I need more book titles.
>The second area is showcasing Utah authors (even ones who have moved =
>elsewhere but who still have their roots in Utah) such as Orson Scott =
>Card and Shannon Hale.
>Please send me names of other Utah writers, keeping in mind that I am a =
>middle school (7-9 grade)  librarian. I will post a hit.=20
>Thanks so  much!
>Kathryn Minson
>Library Media Teacher
>Joel P. Jensen Middle School
>West Jordan, Utah
>God grant me the serenity to delegate tasks when appropriate, the
> courage to say no, and the wisdom to know when to go home."=20

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