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Thank you to Kathy for this information.  If you are interested please
contact Jili Jiang directly.  Happy Holidays.  gml

Georgia Loutensock
georgia.loutensock at schools.utah.gov



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Dear Ms. Minson:
    My name is Ji-li Jiang, a children's book author. My first book,
Red Scarf Girl has been used in many middle or high schools since its
publication in 1997 and I have been traveling around country to give
presentations about Red Scarf Girl and my second book, Magical Monkey
Mischief in Heaven. 
     I would like to visit some schools in your state next spring. I
wonder if someone from your association can pass the information to
librarians via listserv. If you can kindly direct me to whom I can
contact for such matter, I would e-mail the detail information.
      Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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