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Tami Merritt TMerritt at woodruff.logan.k12.ut.us
Thu Dec 6 08:02:46 MST 2007

Just thought I would post this website- There doesn't seem to be anything current but this 
website is pretty neat.
Thanks Larue!
Woodruff Elementary
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I really enjoy using this website http://pbskids.org/dontbuyit/advertisingtricks/foodadtricks.html 
the kids seem to enjoy it also.  I hope this helps you out.
Kaysville Elem.

>>> "Tami Merritt" <TMerritt at woodruff.logan.k12.ut.us> 12/03/07 11:14 AM >>>
Does anyone know of a more current video/DVD for TV Smart besides "Buy me that"?  I am 
looking for something that is not from the 80's but has the same great material. Any 

Tami Merritt
Media Specialist
Woodruff Elementary

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