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Laurel Harris laurel.harris at jordan.k12.ut.us
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Dear Barbara,
	I do something similar to Bill Goodrich.  We display the empty  
containers on the shelf and put the playaways in shallow drawers in  
our back room.  We have the books on tape and the books on CD shelved  
with the playaway cases and have labeled them all AB for audio  
books.  We store the contents for all in the drawers in back.
	We sell the earbuds as well.  I was selling them at cost and went  
through them too quickly as students were buying them that were not  
checking out playaways.  So I am now selling them for a $1.00 to  
students checking out playaways and $2.00 if they are not.
They check out more than the cassettes of course but the CD's too (we  
check out walkmans with the cassette and CD format).  Student's check  
out the classics because they want the playaway.
	We check them out with the battery in it and one in the case.  I  
heard of some schools investing in rechargables, we haven't felt the  
We had one student loose the case not the playaway.  The case and  
foam inserts can be purchased separately.  Jean Grose the Follet rep  
was checking to see about the cardboard picture insert.

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On Dec 5, 2007, at 8:40 AM, Barbara DenBoer wrote:

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> Dear Lovely Librarians,
> I have added Playaways to my collection this year, and I already have
> students asking for them.  I'm uncertain about how to display them
> and how to check them out, so I thought I'd ask all of you.  Those of
> you with Playaways, how do you display, circulate, etc?  Any advise
> is always appreciated.
> Barbara Den Boer
> North Summit High School
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