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Kathy Minson kathryn.minson at jordan.k12.ut.us
Wed Dec 5 16:35:57 MST 2007

I am planning a book display of two parts and could use some suggestions for book titles and author's names.  One part of the display will focus on books of local interest, such as In Plain Sight and Bringing Elizabeth Home.   I need more book titles.

The second area is showcasing Utah authors (even ones who have moved elsewhere but who still have their roots in Utah) such as Orson Scott Card and Shannon Hale.
Please send me names of other Utah writers, keeping in mind that I am a middle school (7-9 grade)  librarian. I will post a hit. 

Thanks so  much!

Kathryn Minson
Library Media Teacher
Joel P. Jensen Middle School
West Jordan, Utah
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