[library-media] BLOGS - NEED HELP

Laura Hunter lhunter at uen.org
Fri Nov 16 14:30:43 MST 2007

Jan, UEN teaches a class on Blogs where a lot of the tools are 
introduced and you learn basic blogging strategies.  Here at UEN we use 
myUEN as a web page for teachers/librarians.
We also use wordpress and blogger.
You can visit uen.org/development and click view courses for more info.

celia powell wrote:

> It depends on how much you want on your blog.  Teachers who are just 
> learning about blogs can easily create one on myedesk/myutips
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> Hi,
> For those of you who run/have a blog site, what one do you use?  I 
> want to begin in a simple way and be able to edit any entries from 
> students before it is "published".
> What do you use?  Cost?  Edit capabilities?  Any suggestions?  
> Information, etc.?
> Thanks so much and I'll post the hits.
> Jan Duane
> Juan Diego Catholic High School
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