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Marilyn Walker Marilyn.Walker at slc.k12.ut.us
Fri Nov 9 09:00:26 MST 2007

Hi Jane,

I have the first book in the series in my library and have never had any problem with it.  I have read the series and the first two books are the best ones.  The last one is not as well written and the story goes in the wrong direction. I found it disappointing. The whole series is not very religion friendly, but I enjoyed the story.  I really don't think it is worthy of being banned.  

The usual procedure is to have a committee review the book and compare it to your acquisition standards then discuss whether it meets the standard or should be pulled.  You should not just remove a book without a review.  If we did that lots of books would be removed and no one would even know what was in them because they have never read them.  I  think the problem is with the movie that is being released soon.  Who knows if the movie even follows the book? This is another example of over reaction to a problem before we have all the facts.

Hope this helps.

Marilyn Walker

>>> "Jane Beckwith" <jane.beckwith at m.millard.k12.ut.us> 11/08/07 3:25 PM >>>
I received a call asking me to remove the Golden Compass books by Philip Pullman. I thought that the issue had died but today I was told by the principal to stop circulating it.

It seems that there is an e-mail being sent to everyone saying that the book and the movie are touting atheist viewpoints and should be removed. My principal told me the superintendent wanted them off the shelf, even though neither one of them has read the series.

I haven't had much experience stopping this sort of action. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Jane Beckwith 

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