[library-media] Golden Compass book

Caryn McGinty cgostlin at citlink.net
Thu Nov 8 15:37:14 MST 2007

Does your district have an official policy on challenged materials? It  
might be called a ?request for reconsideration? or something similar.  
If you?re not sure, ask one of the other librarians in your district,  
or at the district office. Someone should have it on file. If not,  
it?s time to develop a reconsideration policy for your collection so  
that this sort of thing does not happen. Ideally, the policy would be  
district-wide, which means that you would probably develop it with the  
other librarians in your district and have it approved by the school  
board; at least, that?s how our policy was adopted. If you need  
examples of such policies, there are plenty out there. Good luck!


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