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I appreciate the collaboration and sharing from school librarians across the state.  Our social studies department is developing common assessments for 1.Finding Information and 2.Evaluating Information. Obviously I am thrilled to help.  All this is as a result of a push in our school to determine essential skills and develop common test. I'll send you the results of our SS test development.  It will include print (like Dona asked for) as well as electronic.

Have you all seen the CRT end of level tests for language arts? The most recently released results show a % broken out by Inquiry/Research/Oral Presentation.  How exciting is that? Now we have three testing proofs of our core including Pre-writing in the Iowa Test and UBSCT.  

Meanwhile, like the little train, we will keep moving forward with the motto, "I think I can, I know I can, I CAN!" (thanks, Brent Jones, for that comparison).

Layton High

>>> Dona Reeder <dreeder at lhs.logan.k12.ut.us> 11/7/2007 1:35 PM >>>
Hi friends
When I took the classes for my Media Licensing years ago, I had one 
that was awesome... we had a couple pages, single spaced of quotes and 
questions to
find in books in the reference section...
for example... Brewer's Poetry book, etc.
I never made a copy after completing the assignment and would love to 
have it for
my AP students in May that are college bound to become more familiar 
with reference and
library (print) materials.  Does anyone have something similar, or that 

Let me know!!!


dona reeder
logan high school
dreeder at lhs.logan.k12.ut.us 

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