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Caryn- There is not a year that goes by that a book or two does not get chewed by a dog.  Pretty much no one wants to read it after that.  Usually the kids confess with embarrassment.  I go pretty easy on them, but they do have to pay the minimum for the replacement of the book, or maybe part of  the cost of a rebind.  A girl has already confessed that she dropped her book in the toilet.  She even brought it to me.  I charged her $4.00 for the paperback.  It was sort of a reward for being honest.  And I did throw the book away.

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>>> Caryn McGinty <cgostlin at citlink.net> 10/11/2007 9:41 AM >>>
This is my second year in a library, and the first time this sort of  
situation has come up. Just had a student return a book to me, and it  
is in awful shape. It?s still readable and the binding is intact, but  
it looks as if a dog got a hold of it because the sides have tooth  
marks and a corner has been chewed off. I didn?t notice until the  
student left, so I couldn?t say anything at the time. (I think she  
left immediately with the hopes that I wouldn?t notice.) She?s a  
freshman, so she?s fairly new to the school. How would you handle such  
a situation? The book isn?t ruined, but it is severely scarred. I  
don?t want to discourage her from checking out books from here, but at  
the same time I want her to learn that she?s responsible for items she  
borrows. I know that it was damaged in her care and that the book was  
in near-perfect shape when she checked it out because I?m suggested it  
to her in the first place and booktalked it to her. What would you do  
in this circumstance? Let it go? Charge her for the book? Charge a  
damage fee? Something else? By the way, this is at the high school  

Moab, UT

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