[library-media] library media teachers and parent teacher conferences

Beatrice Carlson bcarlson at dsdmail.net
Wed Oct 3 10:57:32 MDT 2007

To all the library media teachers,
 I am working on a graduate project and I would appreciate some
What do the school librarians do when their school is having parent
teacher conferences?
Please respond to these questions, and if you could, add a brief
comment.  Thanks !!

Do your teachers  assemble in a common area – like the gym – to
meet with parents?	
OR  do parents meet with teachers in their

Is your library/media center  open during PT
conferences	yes		no 

Do you - library media teacher- teach classes other than student
library aides.
	yes		no   

Briefly, how are you - library media teacher-  occupied during parent
teacher conferences

Bea Carlson
Library Media Specialist
bcarlson at dsdmail.net

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