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Here are some suggestions:

 From PBS Teachers page:
Recommended link to Narnia.com
"Learn about author C.S. Lewis and his famous characters from the seven 
Chronicles of Narnia. You'll find many selections from the books, 
detailed illustrations by artist Pauline Baynes, a glossary of 
characters, and colorful maps. An interesting timeline shows Narnian 
years as compared to English years. The quiz is tougher than it looks, 
you may have to brush up on your Narnia knowledge if you have already 
read the books. Audio clips of chapter selections are in QuickTime 4. 
There is a teacher guide in PDF format in the section Books and 
Resources. The site is sponsored by HarperCollins Publishers Inc."

 From Thinkfinity:
The CS Lewis Foundation

The Land of Narnia

Screwtape letters discussion guide

 From UEN:
TV program "Engaging with Literature" 

Jan Duane wrote:

> Hi,
> If you have any websites, lesson plans, etc. for C.S. Lewis and/or The 
> Screwtape Letters, both the new teacher and I would be very grateful.  
> I will post a "hit" with the information.
> Thanks as always,
> Jan Duane
> Juan Diego Catholic High School
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