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Fawn Morgan fmorgan at dsdmail.net
Thu Sep 27 13:29:50 MDT 2007

Hey, y'all,

The new Pioneer page looks very clean and attractive.  I think it will appeal to kids as they don't read descriptions anyway.  I'm really promoting the online library even more this year as I look forward to a library remodel.  It's possible our physical library at Layton High could be out of commission for several months as we go through growing pains so I have been looking at eBook reference sources from Gale and Follett to supplement the Pioneer Online Library. I'm also promoting the downloadable recorded books available at public library sites.   

I'm thinking that electronic resources would be the most efficient use of part of my budget now that I may be operating the library out of a kiosk in the hall. Wish me luck.

Hope you all had a smooth start to your school year. Can't say that I have but why should this year be different? We just soldier on - Kiosk or not.


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>>> "Rick Cline" <rcline at media.utah.edu> 9/26/2007 11:01 PM >>>

The K-12 Pioneer web page has recently been revised. Please take a look when you have a moment...


- Rick
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