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Loutensock, Georgia Georgia.Loutensock@schools.utah.gov
Thu, 24 May 2007 07:14:06 -0600

 Dear Colleagues,
Does anyone know anything about this book?  It sounds like a good
resource.  gml

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From: Marney Zambrano [mailto:MZambrano@tooelesd.org]=20
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Subject: Utah Counties Book

Hi!  I'm the media aide/"librarian" at Harris Elementary in Tooele.=20
Somebody showed me an old reference book--actually a card-stock-bound
typewritten manuscript--from the Tooele City Library called, "Here are
the Counties of Utah" by Betty R. Cook of 321 N. 300 West, Bountiful, UT
that was apparently self-published in 1983.  It contains lots of fun
stuff that make it a great resource for 4th Grade Utah History county
reports.  Anybody have an idea where I might purchase a new or used
copy, or how one would go about obtaining permission to scan or
otherwise reproduce the entire thing?  I asked a lady at the Davis
County Library branch in Farmington about it.  They have five original
copies, but she has no clue where to direct me and my questions.=20

Thanks for your time, and TTFN  MeZ