[library-media] Concerned about cheating? Turnitin Research Update

Fawn Morgan fmorgan@dsdmail.net
Wed, 09 May 2007 08:11:08 -0600

As the experts at your school in the ethical use of information, you may =
be interested to read news about Turnitin.  The following letter was sent =
to the teachers in my school.  The teachers of the Computer Tech class in =
the Business Department had been collaboratively teaching a unit with me =
on information ethics in which we have been showing the Primetime show =
discussed below. Feel free to edit the letter and send it out to your own =
faculty if you'd like.

Layton High

>>> Fawn Morgan 05/09/07 7:53 AM >>>
Dear Teachers,

As you may recall, I own a limited subscription to Turnitin, an online =
software product that monitors plagiarism.  Charles Gibson hosted =
PRIMETIME: CHEATING CRISIS, HOUR SPECIAL on 4/29/04 which featured the =
product, highlighting students from MacLean High School.=20

In an interesting, but not entirely surprising, development we find that  =
two students (and their parents) from MacLean High School, Virginia, are =
involved in a lawsuit filed in March against the Turnitin parent company =
claiming that the service itself violates copyright laws.  They claim the =
suit isn't an attempt to restore their own good names and justify =
cheating.  In the off chance that any of your students read educational =
technology news you'll want to be prepared. See

A note from John M. Barrie, Ph.D.,Turnitin, Co-Founder:
We are now in the process of developing [a new] service, Turnitin For =
Students.  We envision a service where students can submit a manuscript or =
essay and then receive automated feedback regarding quotation issues and =
best practices.  Our service would also provide advice designed to help =
students write better, research better and cite better.

We have been working on these issues for more than a decade, and we are =
extremely excited to be on the verge of offering such a powerful educationa=
l tool to the academic community.=20