[library-media] No libraries in Davis District AND Birdwing Update

Marilyn Walker Marilyn.Walker@slc.k12.ut.us
Mon, 07 May 2007 10:55:22 -0600

Thanks Fawn, and I just learned that Mary Pope Osbourn will be at Deseret =
Book in the Layton Hills Mall Thursday May 10, at 4:30 to sign books.  So =
all you Magic Tree House fans, you have been informed.  Marilyn Walker

>>> "Fawn Morgan" <fmorgan@dsdmail.net> 05/07/07 8:45 AM >>>
Last week one of the Davis District high school librarians learned from =
Human Resources that THERE ARE NO LIBRARIANS in our district and that =
THERE ARE NO LIBRARIES either.  Much to our concernation, here we are =
coming to work everyday, checking books in and out, teaching students and =
teachers how to find resources, getting paid for our efforts BUT we no =
longer know who we are or where we work!! Apparently, HR can't make the =
connection between media centers with media specialists and libraries with =
librarians.  Makes one seriously wonder, blow a little steam and giggle =
all at the same time!

In the midst of all this confusion it is pleasant to find out some good =
news.  Birdwing, the most recently published book by Rafe Martin, the =
featured storyteller at last year's UELMA conference, is now out in =
paperback with a beautiful new cover.  See it at http://www.rafemartin.com/=
I just received a response from Rafe that I'm sure he wouldn't mind my =
sharing. See below.

Hi Fawn,

Thanks so much for getting this info on the "new" Birdwing out onto the=20
state school librarian listserv. I think you are SO right about the new=20
cover! Isn't it great? Matt Mahurin did a fantastic job! By the way the=20
paperback ALSO includes an interview with me, my complete retelling of=20
the Grimm's tale "The Goose Girl," (Alene and Horse both have=20
connections to that story)  and some good background on the Brother's=20
Grimm. So it is nicely expanded for school use. Plus any middle schools=20
that do the Scholastic Bookfairs will find it featured there on the=20
poster, and a conversation (and motorcycle ride) with me is featured in=20
the author video that goes out with the middle school Book Fair, as=20
well. All quite neat.

Alll best and thanks again,


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